iPhone Candy Theme

Candy Theme Home Screen

Tired of grey colors? WidgetPro developed the cheerful and juicy theme for you named Candy. All icons can look in such a style, not only your personalized wallpapers or home screen.

Make sure your mood is getting brighter by just picking the Candy Theme and setting it up instantly.

Candy Clock Widget

Even if you hurry somewhere, there’s no need for stress since your Candy theme will sweeten any bitter deadlines. There are plenty of designs for your most modern Clock widgets.

Candy Calendar Widget

Schedule your day in a wise yet fun way, with Candy themed calendar. The day, number, and month are shown in playful colors of Candy widget. Your planning has never been prettier!

Candy Photo Widget

What about the photos of our beloved ones? They certainly deserve to be candy framed since they’re our sweeties.

Choose any photos of your favourites, from pets and family moments to your buddies and party time. Place them on your home screen for FREE!

Best apps icons

The coolest apps that respond to your lifestyle, as well as social networks look trendy and yummy with Candy widget. They transform automatically once you install WidgetPro, and cheer you up.

Candy Battery Widget

If you check your battery status many times a day, save up your time and use the Candy widget. It shows you brightly and graphically your battery level without being distracted.

Wallpapers for iPhone Candy theme

Bright, silver, and neutral wallpapers are well matched with Candy theme. Pick the background you prefer, and enjoy the best design your mood-maker created by our developers.

How do I get Candy theme on my iPhone?

It’s enough to install WidgetPro and then choose Candy, it’ll be applied automatically.

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