iPhone Dark Theme (Best Widgets & icons)

Dark Theme Home Screen

Are you often using your iPhone at night? Then try the night mode with Dark Theme developed by WidgetPro. It will take care of your eyesight making the gadget usage more comfortable.

Dark theme is stylish and modern, yet easy to organize technically. The color inversion is applied to darken the background and lighten the fonts. It creates the best effect for the neuron perception.

Apps & Social networks Widget

How much time do you spend discussing on forums and messengers? WidgetPro suggests to use Dark themed icons and backgrounds to bring some relief to your eyes.

The well-known icons are going to look differently and make your surfing smoother. Your convenience is what matters to us!

Dark Photo Widget

We care a lot about the variety of options for our end user. The Photo Widget is highly creative and the most frequently used by modern people. It’s available in dark coloring now, for a better style.

The photos can be placed on the home screen or wallpapers and framed in the Dark Theme style. The hint: b&w stylized photos look even cooler with this theme!

Dark Clock Widget

In this trendy theme, the clock view is also neat and pretty. Neutral look makes your device more classy and adds more value to your busy hours. All that goes with choosing WidgetPro Dark Theme.

Dark Calendar & Reminders Widget

The Calendar consists of many small symbols and numbers, so the Dark Theme greatly optimizes it. Busy people often plan things late at night, and that’s why Dark style is more preferred for the widget.

The upcoming events notifications shouldn’t bother the user either, and this current theme does help to keep you in tune with your planning in the most delicate manner.

Battery Widget & Storage

Whatever you want to check, battery level, monitor brightness, economy status, storage and cash, or Wi-Fi network, it’s much more comfy to do with our Dark Theme. The Battery widget can be stylish too!

How do I switch to Dark Theme on my iPhone?

Once you install WidgetPro and choose the Dark Theme from the list of styles, changes are applied automatically. You can switch to any other theme at any given moment.

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