iPhone Green Theme

Green Theme Home Screen

Green color is considered the most calming one and helping to focus on current tasks. If that is what you seek, try Green Theme on WidgetPro and get some anti-stress via your home screen.

Fresh and nourishing, it is often chosen by eco activists and vegan lifestyle doers. Green or greenish style is also highly recommended by the Parental Control for hyper active young users.

Green Fitness Widget

Always choose Green Theme for your fitness widgets to get the revitalizing effect and stay inspired. You’ll reach better results if your gadget screen design reminds you of green cocktails and nature.

Train and jog confidently with Green Theme from WidgetPro, developed in most optimized color shades.  

Green Apps Icons & Shortcuts

Enter FB, Youtube, Messenger, and any social network or app in greenish colors. New look will add more excitement to your daily surfing and online activities.

Green Photo Widget

Our home folks, beloved pets, and favourite celebs’ portraits look so much cosier in green frames. As to the memorable landscapes and sceneries from our getaways, Green Theme is just the best.

This popular Widget is our helpful assistant in putting any special moments on our home screen or wallpaper. Trust your chosen ones to the master and enjoy the visual effect.

Green Weather Widget

Get the closest to nature with this awesome Green Theme Weather Widget. Our developers took care of your aesthetic pleasure of using this all-day necessary option.

Green Theme Wallpapers

If you think green wallpapers would look boring, reconsider that. The variety of designs and backgrounds is really impressive exactly in Green Theme gallery, so just play with multiple alternatives.

Green Theme Clock Widget

How not to get anxious while being in hurry? Use the Green Theme Clock. The most beautiful green shades were used by our specialists to make this widget harmonious and cool.

Green Theme Calendar, Reminders, Notifications

Exactly Green colored design is the most popular for Calendar widgets. It’s neutral enough to help concentrate on one’s planned tasks, but it’s also called optimistic by the business specialists.

Green Theme Battery Widget

In modern users’ mind, the green color is associated with the full battery and the orange or red color, with discharged battery. With the greenish design, battery status is shown delicately for your convenience.

How do I turn on the Green Theme?

Install WidgetPro where you can find all listed options and above. Make sure you have iOS 14+ to fully enjoy all the benefits.

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