Best iPhone Themes, Icons, Widgets: iOS 14

Widget Pro is your number one tool for personalizing iPhone home screen. 

Cool themes for iPhone
Bored with the old styles and screens? Visualize it the way you really like!

Trendy tendencies and stylish looks are the signs of the modern time. With Widget Pro, you can become an expert in aesthetic design in 1-2-3 steps!

One’s opportunities aren’t limited with this great app, as it is all inclusive. Many useful clickable buttons for modifying the styles and changing the settings simultaneously, are already added to the widget. 

Adjust the visual view from date and weather to the clock, desktop games, and fitness timer icons. Choose the color nuance and palette, the intensity of glowing and shades. 

There’s no need today to give up the user’s appearance and lifestyle if the gadget screen can be adapted to them so easily. Widget Pro is a high quality toolkit that really serves all your visual needs. 


WP is planned to be highly adjustable to other Apple apps meant for health & weather tracking.

These additional apps can be connected to one’s Widget Pro Premium account. Basic accounts are going to have reduced yet helpful options like the personalized screen and a few main icons. 

Our product is suitable for 4+ children and teens. No parental control is needed. Creative & artistic youngsters can make any unicorn or candy fantasy real with our wide range of hues and patterns. 

Important updates: 

Our developers make sure to provide you with the best winter themes from Christmas, Elf, Snow to Valentine’s Day and others. Check regularly for our update and try the new options when you wish. 

Forget about low-season depressions and improve your mood considerably with Widget Pro shimmering colors and extra effects. Decorate your gadgets for the most festive approach. 

Best winter gift ideas? No problem with the newest version of WP that you can install on your buddy or relative’s device. The brightest surprise for fancy folks is right here at your full avail.

Get healthier with us. It’s harder to find motivation for sports throughout the cold season. Set up your favorite colors that are inspiring you, and walk or jog any distance with Widget Pro.

Too busy at work? Our top app is of great help. Plan and schedule the upcoming events with the help of noticeable patterns that’ll keep you energetic. Our users report the high effectiveness of that. 

What else to do?

Did you know all people can be designers if they start to care and dedicate some time? Best widgets like ours, are assisting well in that and helping to optimize our inborn aesthetic skills. 

Specialists say it’s important for people’s well-being too though. When we surround ourselves with the colors and cozy symbols that make us feel comfortable, we improve our stamina as well. 

Try yourself as your own virtual life designer with Widget Pro. Social networks creators and developers of other popular apps have their reasons to make an icon look exactly like it does. 

But you may have your personal perception as you’re such a unique being. Change an icon coloring accordingly to your eyesight needs and comfort, then take care of the background too. 

WP app is basically about the users’ inner harmony and high energy level. If it’s scientifically proven most people are visualists, then it matters a lot how our home screen looks and whether it’s comfy. 

Psychologists admit customizing the gadget screen daily in accordance with one’s current mood, is really vital comparing to changing the social status seen by others. We must be attentive to ourselves. 

Try playing with the homescreen colors each time you feel so, and your results in routine activities will skyrocket. That’s what our experts are constantly and diligently working on. 

First users’ reviews:

“I’ve tried other widgets before, but they cannot even be compared to Widget Pro. It takes into account all latest trends in coloring and design, I literally feel the freshness of all suggested shades. 

With a high resolution and sharpness of the modern gadgets, we simply cannot use the old style apps, it’s impossible. That’s why I’m happy to find Widget Pro and its name tells for itself”. 

“This best widget is recommended by my friends, and now I understand, why. I’ve never seen such a big palette of colors unless it was for painting online. I’m loving the spectrum of options!

I think in 2021, we deserve a lot of alternatives when it comes to our personal devices and electronics. So I quickly became a big fun of Widget Pro. 

Since I depend a lot on sunshine and special light in the room I am in, my gadget now affects me a lot as well. The home screen looks way way better after I installed the WP app”. 

“As an artist, I can say this widget suits me just well. At least, there aren’t any others of that level in the market. Maybe I’d add some extra tools, but it’s because I’m picky. 

I found it quick to install and most elegantly looking on each next step you make. 

In general, I am satisfied with the product and I’ll tell my colleagues about Widget Pro. I guess it’ll gain much more popularity within the next few months”.

“I am a bit dumb when it comes to colors, I’d like anything else too. But what I appreciate is the easiness of usage and the total absence of glitches. I can’t waste my working time on those. 

So, Widget Pro does a good job once it keeps me content and helps organize the icons on my screen. What else to expect from such an affordable new-generation app?”